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Whether you manage a small office building to a large sports or concert venue, you need a cleaning company you can trust to help make a great first impression. That’s American Facility Services. Schedule a free initial consultation today.

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Janitorial Services For Any Size Facility

While Augusta may be known as a destination for golfing enthusiasts from around the world, it’s also a thriving commercial community. In fact, last year it was reported that downtown Augusta saw exceptional growth in local businesses, particularly minority business ownership.

As the business sector in Augusta continues to grow, so does the need for affordable and effective commercial cleaning services. That’s where American Facility Services comes in. With over 22 years of commercial cleaning experience, with a high-quality and experienced cleaning team, we have become renowned as the preferred option in the greater Augusta area.

Our team of professional cleaning experts takes pride in providing personalized service while ensuring impeccable results every time. We offer thorough, deep cleans as well as recurring maintenance plans so you can keep surfaces safe and sanitary all year long. 

No matter what kind of facility or environment you’re running, our commercial cleaning services have the expertise and experience necessary to deliver an outstanding result quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Cleaning Services For Businesses Of All Sizes

Commercial cleaning services are essential to businesses of all sizes, from small offices and retail stores to large hospitals and corporate campuses. At American Facility Services, we offer a wide range of high-quality cleaning services that are tailored to your business’s specific needs and budget.

Our experienced team is focused on providing the best service possible, guaranteeing a sparkling clean workspace free of allergens, germs, and odors. From daily restroom services to complete floor care and upholstery cleaning, we have the expertise and resources to help make your business shine.

While we may not be able to clean the fairways of Augusta National, we can certainly clean a variety of commercial spaces. Here are just a few of the businesses that choose us.

  • Office Buildings: Whether you need a one-time clean or a recurring office cleaning, our team of experienced professionals can help keep your office space looking its best.
  • Retail spaces: Keep your storefront attractive and inviting with our full line of retail cleaning services. Our team will ensure every nook and cranny is spotless for your customers.
  • Sports facilities: We offer comprehensive cleaning services for sports facilities, ranging from locker rooms to seating areas. Our deep cleaning will ensure no germs are lingering in your facility.
  • Schools: Create a safe, healthy environment for students and faculty alike with regular deep cleaning services from American Facility Services. From pre-schools to colleges, we’ll tackle everything from classrooms and locker rooms to cafeterias and kitchens.
  • Industrial & manufacturing facilities: One of our specialties is cleaning industrial facilities. Our commercial cleaning services are ideal for industrial facilities like warehouses, factories, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and more.

No space is too big or small for our experienced and passionate team.


The American Facility Services Approach

American Facility Services has been leading the way in commercial cleaning services in Augusta for over 22 years. With a focus on exceptional service, superior results, and customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder why business owners turn to us for all their commercial cleaning needs.

We approach each customer and their premises differently, as we understand that everyone has different needs. We provide a tailored solution for each of our clients, whether it’s simply a basic clean or a deep and intensive cleanse of the commercial space, from floor to ceiling.

Our dedication to providing reliable results and keeping premises virus-free is unmatched in the industry. For efficient and effective cleaning solutions, American Facility Services is the smart choice for businesses across Augusta and the rest of Georgia.

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Why Choose American Facility Services?

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, Augusta business owners can trust American Facility Services for superior results. Our talented crew of professionals is dedicated to providing the best possible service with a focus on detail and quality.

We use state-of-the-art cleaning techniques, equipment, and products to deliver spotless results for each job we undertake. What sets us apart is our commitment to customer service & satisfaction; we take the time to discuss individual needs and requirements with every client before beginning work.

With American Facility Services, you can count on reliable maintenance and an unbeatable standard of cleanliness at all times.

Our commercial cleaning services come with our guarantee of no hidden fees – the price you are quoted is the price you pay.

We value transparency and strive to ensure that clients get good value and great service without any surprise charges or unnecessary costs down the line. With our dependable services, you can count on our commercial cleaning company to get your job done right and within budget.

Why American Facility Services Is The Preferred Cleaning Service in Augusta

There’s a good reason why hundreds of businesses across Augusta choose us for their commercial cleaning needs. Our team at American Facility Services has the experience and dedication needed to provide superior commercial cleaning services for businesses of all kinds.

We empower our employees with the most advanced technology and resources, training them on the very best industry standards. From ensuring that tiles gleam to making restrooms sparkle, every aspect of our attention to detail can be seen in our results. 

Our flexible solutions meet each client’s individualized requirements criteria with solutions ranging from daily visits to more specialized periodic assignments.

Do You Know The Risk Associated With Not Having a Clean Commercial Space?

Not having a clean commercial space can present many risks. Unsanitary conditions can contribute to the spread of disease and germs, while also creating an unpleasant environment for your staff and customers.

Here are just a few reasons why you don’t want to risk having an unclean commercial space: 

  • Higher risk of injury due to slips and falls caused by a slippery floor.
  • Unsanitary conditions can be conducive to the spread of disease, allergens, and germs.
  • Your business’s reputation could be hurt due to a lack of cleanliness.
  • Poorly maintained premises can lead to reduced productivity from employees who are constantly battling against dirt and grime.

Did you know, according to the CDC, that over the past three years, over 1 million people have called in sick? That’s not for the full three years, but rather for each month over the period. That’s a staggering figure when you consider the impact on productivity and potential profits for businesses of all sizes.

What To Look For When Searching For Commercial Cleaning Services

When looking for commercial cleaning services, it is important to consider the business’s reputation and customer reviews.

Ensuring they have experience in the type of cleaning that your business needs is an essential factor to assess, as this will give you peace of mind that their team has the necessary skills and knowledge.

It is also a good idea to look into how often they visit and what type of supplies and equipment they use. Most businesses require customized cleaning, so make sure you are able to request specialized cleaners for those parts of the building that need more attention or special treatment.

Trust American Facility Services to Keep Your Commercial Premises Clean

American Facility Services is the best choice for all your commercial cleaning needs in Augusta. We provide high-quality, comprehensive services and knowledgeable professionals who tailor our services to meet your needs.

If you’d like to discuss your cleaning requirements with our team of specialists, call us at 770-740-1613. If you’d like to see the work we’ve done, take a look at a few of our clients on our website.

Trust American Facility Services to keep your commercial premises safe and hygienic today.

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When it’s time to eat, Augusta has some really interesting restaurants to try for some really great food. We suggest places like The Boll Weevil Cafe and Sweetery, The Frog Hollow Tavern, or The Chop House for some local flavor.

From Dearing to New Ellenton and Woodbridge to Shell Bluff, American Facility Services is proud to be Augusta’s leading provider of commercial cleaning services.

Our experienced and dedicated staff are committed to delivering top-notch services to areas across this great city. From deep cleanings to daily sanitation solutions, we guarantee quality results with each and every one of our jobs.

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