Commercial Cleaning Services in Texas

From government buildings, schools, airports and even stadiums to small office buildings, we keep your place clean. Let us customize a cleaning plan for your commercial space. Contact us today.

Cleaning Services for Any Size Commercial Space

American Facility Services is a professional commercial cleaning company that serves Texas and other surrounding states. We work with a wide range of clients, from national corporations to small businesses. Our business model is based on providing good professional services while providing excellent customer service.

Our mission is to keep your world clean, from office buildings to stadiums, airports, and conference centers. We are adaptable enough to suit any cleaning plan or frequency you require. Allow us to demonstrate how we do it. Contact us right away to schedule a site survey.

Janitorial Services for All Commercial Environments

In your Texas business, first impressions are essential. As a result, it is important that your commercial space is constantly tidy for your visitors.

When it comes to high-quality commercial cleaning services, American Facility Services’ adaptable workforce is necessary. Our team has the experience and knowledge required to keep any size facility sparkling and clean. We are the janitorial service responsible for:

  • Stadiums
  • Colleges, high schools & grade schools
  • Government facilities
  • Airports
  • Conference centers and exhibition halls
  • Construction cleanup
  • Commercial office buildings & Office cleaning
  • Hospitals, outpatient surgical centers & medical practices
  • Industrial & manufacturing facilities
  • Financial institutions

No commercial facility is too large or too small for our crew to keep clean. Contact us today and let us show you what true customer service is all about.

Why Choose American Facility Services for Commercial Cleaning?

We’ve been dubbed the “biggest little commercial cleaning company” in town. With over 1100 permanent employees in 10 states and over 500 contracts in place, our staff is licensed and bonded. Every week, we clean more than 32 million square feet of cleaning space. Our Texas clients love us because of:


We recognize that keeping your business clean is a critical and fundamental component of running a successful business. That is why we collaborate with all our clients to provide customized and cost-effective janitorial services. While other organizations want you to supply cleaning products, we supply all our own chemicals and equipment.



Because each commercial cleaning task is unique, we collaborate closely with you to guarantee that we exceed your expectations. Our custodial service can operate with any size space, and we have the ability to modify our services for the life of our contract with you.

Quality Control

A Project Manager is appointed to each customer to oversee the intricacies of each project. We combine cutting-edge equipment and time-tested techniques to meet all your expectations. We cultivate long-term partnerships by being accountable, providing service, and taking pride in our work.


Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is the process of only selecting and using environmentally friendly cleaning products. We believe that we should only utilize items that are both effective and beneficial to the health of your people and the environment.

About Texas

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Discover the great state of Texas!

Our Service Area

We’ve worked with many different companies in Texas. We have happy customers in cities like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Fort Worth.

We’re located in a suburb of Atlanta Georgia, but we provide professional cleaning and disinfection services to facilities all over Texas, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, and more. Contact us for our professional commercial cleaning services.

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We’re located in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, but as a regional janitorial provider, we extend our services throughout the U.S. including GeorgiaFloridaAlabamaNorth CarolinaSouth CarolinaTennesseeVirginia, TexasIowa, and Minnesota.

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